Triangles Wallpapers

Wallpapers with triangles are perfect for a minimalist or modern arrangement. It is a particularly good choice for people who want to decorate an interior in New York style. Geometric patterns are a timeless theme that goes well with the living room, bedroom or children's room. Wallpapers with a triangles motif make every room gain a bit of harmony and artistry. You can choose geometric patterns not only in subdued colors, but also in slightly more colorful and abstract versions. Thanks to this, you can match them to any style and arrangement, and thus completely change the look of a bedroom or living room. They work well in interiors that require a distinctive addition or emphasize their unique character. Triangles are suitable for both classic and intense wall colors. The graphic personalization option means that you can adjust the triangles wallpapers to your needs. You decide on the dimensions, density of the pattern, color effect, and even the material on which the selected motif is to be applied - you can choose between washable, vinyl and self-adhesive wallpapers. ... more

Did you know…

Power. Architecture. Mathematics. The Pixers Triangles Wallpapers collection is full of one of the most widely used symbols in the world, across time. Let's find you or your kids some nice ▲ wall coverings. From modern vector illustrations, hypnotic patterns all the way to watercolour take on our star figure, there's something in here for any room in your home. Triangles Wallpapers ideas, in our eyes, are an open invitation to break the norm. As most of them repeat one thing, you definitely can cut, mix & match two or more patterns to create an ultimate, abstract feature wall. Don't be afraid and just roll with it, it's never too late to have some fun and play a little with your wall coverings. With those products, it's always a good thing to have in mind two aspects of the interior: mirrors and lights. With the right kind of bulbs & mirrors, you can almost multiple the patterns on your walls. Don't forget to take advantage of the ceiling - most importantly when it's high. The home is yours. You pick the wallpapers. Connect those two things and create your original take on interior design.