Spring Wallpapers

What a beautiful season this is. When nature comes back to life, maybe it's also a perfect time for a little home makeover? Get inspired by the Pixers Spring Wallpaper collection and make your home blossom again. There simply isn't any source of joy & happiness in these times that we wouldn't welcome with open arms. When the days get longer, the sun seems to pay more frequent visits and there's this fresh energy in the air, it’s time to make a move. Maybe changing the wallpaper will start a butterfly effect in your life? Or maybe everything is fine, except you’ve just grown a bit bored with your home aesthetic? We're here to help. Let the flowers in. Open your walls (and windows) to some cheerful birds. Get your bike ready for regular afternoon rides. Whatever you like the most about spring, we’ve got it. No need to get bigger windows if you want to brighten up the room. Switch up the wallpaper in your bedroom, kids room, living room or bathroom. Voilà! Brightness achieved. How about a vivid wallpaper with strong colours of wonderful forget-me-nots and mimosas? Just the perfect mix of blue, yellow, green and white creates a splendid spring composition. Now do us a favour: open up your windows. Let the sun and breeze in. Sometimes little things like that can make all the difference, so what are you waiting for? Order your new wallpaper right here, right now. ... more