Thanks to modern technology, stickers now prove to be an extremely durable and resistant interior decoration tool. They are an alternative for those who do not like empty walls but are not convinced by wallpaper. With the help of stickers you can also change the face of your fridge, desk or laptop. Stickers are another interesting form of interior decoration next to wallpapers, posters and paintings. Their assembly takes just a moment, as well as cleaning. They are an original decorative tool, and at the same time they are characterized by exceptional simplicity. Wall stickers give the interiors an original character, help to build an unusual atmosphere. Stickers for the fridge, desk, table, door or wardrobe allow you to change the face of well known furniture in seconds. On the other hand, those for a child's room or a teenager's desk often allow you to hide small damages, scratches and imperfections without the need to replace the furniture or carry out a mini renovation. Thanks to the very resistant and durable material from which they are made, there is no need to fear their destruction. On a daily basis, it is enough to wipe them with a slightly damp cloth to take care of their cleanliness. All are also resistant to moisture. ... more

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Pixers wall decals and stickers make stylish décor simple. For anyone. Without going bankrupt. When anybody ever asks you about a Pixers guarantee, you will know what to say. Decorating with Pixers wall decals is the easiest and fastest way to transform a dull wall into modern art in a few minutes! Peel it. Stick it. Job's finished. But what do we have in store? Animals, flowers, illustrations, drawings, food, cartoons, abstract art, world maps, cities and monuments and so much more. Some of these better suit the living room; others will work great in a kid's bedroom. Pixers wall decals work for just about everybody. Our beautiful designs can be the perfect way to reimagine your home quickly and easily. Why? Because they are landlord-friendly! Let us show you how Pixers wall decals can transform your home so you'll ask yourself "Is this really my place or just a dream''? Don't just keep dreaming. Get some Pixers wall decals below & live the dream.