Hall Wall Murals

Wall murals for the hallway are a perfect solution, especially in the case of very narrow, and quite long rooms. Thanks to the wall mural, you can arrange the entire wall quickly and in an interesting way and achieve an eye-catching effect.

Why is it worth choosing a wall mural for the hall?

A mural for the hallway is a solution that can help you turn a seemingly boring and uninteresting part of a house or apartment into an attractive space. The hall may be a difficult room to arrange. It isn’t exceptionally large, but sometimes it’s very long. Such non-standard dimensions make it impossible to put a particularly large amount of furniture and decorations here, sometimes even placing a larger chest of drawers can be a problem. On the other hand, you probably don't want the walls in your hallway to be empty. The hall is an important place in the structure of a house or apartment because it is the first room that both guests and household members enter. Therefore, every owner wants the hall to be cosy and inviting to explore further rooms. A wall mural for the hall can help to achieve this effect. Thanks to it you can:

  • visually enlarge the room;
  • create a cozy atmosphere in a fairly neutral space;
  • arrange an unusual decoration that will delight your family and guests.

Wall mural not only for the hall

The hall is not the only space that is difficult to arrange, which can be decorated with a wall mural. In many public buildings - offices, clinics, beauty salons there are narrow spaces that are difficult to arrange, but they shouldn’t be left empty. Also in this case, it is worth reaching for such a wall mural as for the hall. The number of patterns and motifs you can choose from is so large that you can easily choose the right solution for each type of facility and room. Moreover, each pattern can be easily personalized.

How does personalization of a wall mural for a hall or corridor look like?

Wall mural for the hallway can be personalized very easily. Some manufacturers make it possible to indicate, at the stage of placing the order, specific parameters to which the selected project is to be adjusted. What exactly can be personalized?

  • Personalization assumes, first of all, precise adaptation of a wall mural to the size of the wall. After selecting the theme you are interested in, you only need to enter the correct size, and you will receive a wall mural of the perfect size, which in no way needs to be cut or otherwise adjusted.
  • When placing an order, you can change the color of the graphics. Of course, you can stay with the original colors of the wall mural, but you can also choose to have the design in black and white or sepia.
  • So you’ve found your dream graphic, but the layout does not suit you? No problem. When placing an order, you can choose, among others mirror image effect.

What material of a wall mural for the hall should I choose?

Since wall murals for the hall are exposed to various types of damage or dirt, washable wallpaper will be the best choice, from which you can quickly remove any dirt with a damp cloth. Washable wall mural is additionally more resistant to moisture. It is worth noting, however, that all types of wall murals are made of durable and damage-resistant material. In addition to the washable wallpaper, you can also choose from:

  • self-adhesive wall mural - it is very resistant to tearing and creasing, and not too strong mechanical impacts will not leave any marks on it. It is made of a matte and self-adhesive material, which greatly facilitates assembly and that takes literally a moment; Another advantage of this solution is the fact that you can stick and peel a self-adhesive wall mural many times;
  • vinyl mural - this solution is recommended for houses and flats rather than public buildings. Such a wall mural is made of ecological, durable and matte material, which ensures optimal breathability of the walls. Vinyl wallpaper helps to maintain a good atmosphere in the room. It's also easy to clean, but you should use a dry cloth instead of a wet cloth.

Which wall mural design should I choose?

A mural for the hallway will allow you to arrange this space in an interesting way. Of course, choosing the right graphics is of key importance to obtain the right effect. In the case of narrow spaces and long walls, the following will certainly prove useful:

  • various types of mountain or sea landscapes that optically enlarge the space;
  • graphics based on photos of the sky, clouds, mountain peaks - they will give the impression of greater freedom and freedom in space, will reduce the feeling of limitation;
  • abstract motifs that will enliven the space and give it an interesting character.
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