Science Wallpapers

Wake your inner Einstein. Or simply order a new set of wall coverings to keep your kids from various screens. Welcome to Pixers Science Wallpaper collection. There are so many challenges and mysteries we have to face and solve. Maybe some of Pixers wallpaper designs can spark a wave of change across humankind? In today's society it is crucial - more than ever - to question what we see and hear. Every day there seems to be lots and lots of innovations and inventions in various fields of life. Some are decades away from becoming a part of our daily lives. Others are closer than we think. If you have kids who are tirelessly bombarding you with an endless array of questions, then you have only one thing to do - for the good of all of us. Please, keep their curious spirit alive.That's why we've curated this section of children’s wallpaper ideas. There are lots of colourful pieces, along with black and white options. Chemical vectors, atom patterns, DNA chains, mathematical abstract pieces along with solar system wallpapers - they all are here to brighten up your child's room. If you want to give them something to spark their imagination and push their education forward, then look no further. We’ve got your back! ... more