Wall Murals - Vinyl

Vinyl wall murals are perfect for those who want to enjoy their home décor for a very long time. The vinyl material is matte, and it is often celebrated for its insulation properties - muffling sounds and insulating interiors. The adhesive should be applied directly onto the wall. This method reduces the risk of getting the material dirty and allows you to slightly change its position once hung. This is the main reason why vinyl wall murals are considered easy to install, even for those with no experience. ... more

Did you know…

Originally, wall murals were hand-painted. There were also attempts to print on other fabrics, using woodcut blocks, for example, to impress a pattern onto paper or silk. Later, printing machines took over, and eventually, a machine for producing long rolls of paper and wall murals began to be produced at the end of the 18th century, enabling the production of large-format prints as we know them today.