Children's room Wallpapers

Prepare to be jealous. You probably didn’t have so beautiful wallpapers in your room growing up. Look around. Get amazed and turn your kids room into a happiness wonderland. Why Pixers? Short answer: We have what you want. Long answer? For starters, all of our wallpapers are easy to install. Forget about a few hours of mess. Here, we make everything as easy and simple as it can be. Secondly, plenty of our wallpapers for kids are easy to clean, they are durable - resistant to tearing and creasing. No matter what the kids will do to it, it should stay strong. We make sure that there’s a lot of place for fun and joy, but there’s a big no for shrinking and stretching of our products. Because we know that you want some things to be just perfect. No matter if you pick something with animals, flowers or funny patterns, you can be sure that it will be rich in color. Nobody wants a dull wallpaper for their kids. Did we wrote anything about multiplying patterns? Mix & match, change the pattern density, choose one, two, three or even four different materials and create one-of-a-kind wallpaper for your little ones. ... more

Did you know…

We're on a mission: Make your kid's room the best kid's room ever with the use of fresh design wallpapers. Let's get right to it. Every childhood is different and we're here for that. Pixers’ wide range of kid's and toddler's wallpapers is fresh and functional. Our children's room wall-coverings are simply inspiring. The number of stories we can tell while looking at all those fairies, mountains or dogs is endless. Children love interesting images so our kid's wallpapers are exactly what they need. Children's room wallpaper is just like them - unique - and it should make your little ones feel special. Decorate your kid’s room with bright and colorful wallpaper designs to take their imagination to another level. No matter if you want to design a cool boy’s room or decorate for a baby nursery, we have wallpaper ideas that will grow with them. Check out our colourful kid's room wallpapers and make your children's room a real feast for their senses.