Art Wallpapers

Wallpaper with an art theme will provide a unique atmosphere in every room. In the bedroom, living room, dining room, teenager's room or office - wherever we care about the original decoration or a quick change in the appearance of a boring interior. Wallpapers with art motifs are available in two variants. The first of these are custom-made graphics. This means that the customers set the size of the wallpaper themselves, and additionally chooses its type - vinyl, self-adhesive or washable. Wallpaper roll is another option. It is 0.5 m wide and 10 m long. Thanks to this, you can cut it according to your needs and stick it in different ways. Thousands of years of history in just a few pages. Welcome to the Pixers Art Wallpaper collection. Let's make your walls a bit less bare thanks to our superb set of wonders. Art has always been one of the most important aspects of our cultural DNA, past, present & future. Its key missions? Telling stories, uniting people, pushing the boundaries of society and simply driving humanity forward. Today we invite you to scroll through our gallery, test our taste in art and try to find something which grabs your attention & can become an eye-catching element of your home for your guests. From graffiti paying homage to artists like Keith Haring, timeless floral pattern wallpaper bringing Japan to mind, all the way to abstract and pop art, we’ve got it all covered. No matter if you’re just changing one room a bit or if it's an entire home makeover project, art wallpaper designs are always a fabulous choice. With so many colours, patterns and ideas in here, you can help out your friends & family with their own home redecorating projects. Spread the word like you might spread the news about any good book, TV show, gallery exhibition or anything else in that field. We all deserve a piece of something beautiful. We're here to deliver. ... more