Self-Adhesive Wall Murals

Pixerstick adhesive wall murals stand out in the market for their wide range of personalisation possibilities. Thanks to modern solutions used in their production, as well as skilfully prepared patterns, they can be adapted to virtually any space. Selfadhesive wall murals are a revolution in wall decoration. Thanks to the Pixerstick technology, you can say goodbye to the adhesive and paintbrush and the installation itself becomes child's play. All you have to do is peel off the adhesive mural from its base and stick it to the wall. The advantage is also that in case of even a slight mistake, the wall mural can be peeled off and applied to the wall again. It is extremely durable, resistant to damage, and you can easily remove any dirt from it. What is important, each pattern is prepared so that it can be freely duplicated vertically and horizontally without any loss of quality. This makes it possible to create self-adhesive wall murals for kitchens, doors or furniture - always to measure. Not only the dimensions but also the size of the chosen pattern can be adjusted to your expectations, so that the design becomes truly individualised. ... more

Did you know…

The magic of Pixerstick is that you can make diametric changes to your interior in only a few moments, and no renovation or specialized equipment is required. All you need is a smooth wall and your creativity. You can finally live where you have always wanted to, whether it is in the middle of a fairy tale forest or a country on the other side of the globe.