Self-Adhesive Posters

Do you know what distinguishes the self-adhesive Pixerstick posters from the other posters available on the market? You can change their location any time you want. Everything thanks to the resistant to damage, reusable material. They will help you to completely re-design an interior at a fraction of the usual cost and will reflect your personality. The wide choice of these products and their availability is what causes that posters are present in almost every apartment - whether the owners follow the latest trends in design or simply want to enrich the room with an eye-catching image.... more


Back then, posters were typically found in rooms belonging to teenagers: everyone had this kind of decoration with a photo of their favourite artist, printed at least in A4 format. Now the posters are printed on special paper and framed, which makes them more elegant - you can even say that they take over the role of paintings.