Kitchen Wallpapers

When planning kitchen design or just refresh, why not consider kitchen wallpaper? Instead of reaching for a paint tin and a roller, look into durable, designed to last, easy to clean vast patterns of kitchen wallpapers. What else? Easy to assemble, custom-made, some even self-adhesive wallpapers are here to team with your decor ideas! Imagine glossy green cabinets highlighted with white background and subtle floral accents, or a wooden kitchen decorated with wallpaper imitating vintage ceramic tiles. Consider the style you've always dreamed of, choose the right wallpaper and see how easily ideas can be put into practice. With wide range of our kitchen wallpapers you can easily combine patterns and colours. It’s in your hands whether you choose abstract or geometric forms, or motifs inspired by the nature. Pixers offers personalized, extremely durable vinyl wallpapers, also washable materials that are intended for spaces with higher humidity or exposed to frequent dirt. The latest technology made wallpapers resistant to tears and creases. Each design is prepared with utmost care to meet our customer’s individual expectations. Adjusting your personalized wallpaper to the dimensions of the wall is therefore no longer an issue. Choose your favorite pattern and create the kitchen you always dreamed of! ... more