Boho Wallpapers

Any Boho fans in the house? The Pixers Boho Wallpaper collection includes Boho floral, tropical and other playful patterns which will steal your heart. All of them will help you achieve an extraordinary feeling in your bedroom, living room or kid's room. Put your hip persona & sense of free-spirited nature into your walls with a curated range of stylish Bohemian wall coverings today! Celebrate your individuality. Bold, fearless colour combinations, fun and quirky motifs, not to mention the surprising patterns - all those elements will turn your walls into a whimsical masterpiece you'll never want to leave. Let your walls become the best introduction to your taste. Decorate your home your own way. It's OK if you’re not a fan of following the rules. Bohemian is pretty much a synonym with living vivaciously, but it can be discreet and pleasing as well (if you play it right). From bold floral patterns in several striking colours to a quiet single-coloured offering, there are quite a few ways to make this chic look neat in your household. Any room decorated in this original style will attract the eye and inspire creativity. ... more