Birches Wall Murals - Vinyl

A birch tree is a symbol. Everybody knows it and there is no one in the world who could say that he or she is not impressed by its nostalgia and inner beauty. Because of the emotions connected with this tree, we decided to arrange for you a series of images that show how beautiful birch trees are. See for yourself how much magic is hidden in them. You only need to know how to bring it out. With birch wall murals you certainly will succeed in it. We have prepared for you hundreds of patterns where you will find everything that is needed to change the look of your living room, bedroom or lounge. Everything depends on the effect you want to achieve and the mood you want to have in a room decorated with some birch trees. ... more


Birch is a tree already known by the ancient people. The Slavs considered it as a sign of the upcoming spring and a symbol of the eternity. There were popular traditions that attributed magical powers to birch trees. Some people believed that this tree was a source of protection for buildings and people from the evil forces. Birch twigs were used as a decoration to protect houses, farms and fields. Other objects made of this wood were treated similarly. According to the old beliefs, a broom made of its branches was put in front of the house to protect it against thieves and people who wanted to bring evil to the household. The healing features of this tree are known even today. It is easy to find a birch juice in pharmacies because it is rich in vitamin C and other nutrients that our body needs.