Watermelons Wallpapers

No matter the weather outside, keep the summer vibe alive. Get yourself some delicious Watermelon Wallpaper straight from our beloved Pixers collection. It’s gonna get tasty in here! Removable watermelon wall covering is a refreshing way to brighten both the look and feel of your home. If you love summer (who doesn't?), keep the sunny vibes 365 days a year with this fabulous choice of delectable wallpaper designs. Let the summer come inside your flat. Never let it leave. Thanks to a bright palette of warm, dreamlike colours and shapes, you will feel cosy and happy in your refreshed space. Bold and luscious, our watermelon wallpaper ideas will bring you endless happiness, laughter and fun. Something about this fruit teleports us into a stress-free childhood or the best holiday ever. Capturing that feeling for yourself is only a few clicks away.Transform your walls today. Have summer in your home all year long with these fresh and fun creations. Something tells us there's going to be a party at your place pretty soon. Time to get ready! ... more