Tigers Wallpapers

Ready for a loud & scary roar? Welcome to the jungle. The tiger jungle. Dangerous, exotic animals have always fascinated people. We've watched their habits for centuries whilst learning more and more about them. Even, or as we should say, especially today, these amazing creatures inspire interior designers around the world who create a botanical jungle in our closed spaces. Today, with a little help from Pixers, you'll create your own personal jungle thanks to our tiger wallpaper. Deadly hunters, these animals camouflage themselves with their distinctive coat of black, grey or brown stripes. Their hypnotic, amber eyes fascinate in the Pixers tiger wallpapers gallery. And what is cuter than a little tiger cub portrayed on colourful wallpaper? All you have to do is pick between an abstract or realistic animal. Either will elevate your interior decor with colour and light. These amazing tiger wallpaper designs can definitely add life to your rooms. Take the living room - it's probably one of the busiest in the house, as it’s where you and your family and friends gather to spend some quality time together. It is also a place where you can rest and relax. That's why giving it the right kind of design makeover will create a relaxed, inviting space for you. Bring a touch of wildlife into your life with just a few clicks. ... more