Skulls Wallpapers

A symbol of danger. Adored by the late, great Alexander McQueen. Present in almost every corner of Mexico. A skull. Add a spicy flair to your space. Your living room will be full of life after you add some skulls wallpaper. But Pixers doesn’t just have creepy, dark, atmospheric human skulls wallpapers. Get that old west vibe on with a colourful spin with a bull skull wallpaper. From softer imagery, mixed with the roses, all the way to tribal patterns, you’ll raise the temperature of your beloved space.Or maybe you want to keep the Halloween spirit alive for more than just a weekend? Look at our Halloween Seemless Pattern. Skulls, cats, ghosts & pumpkins all jump in what looks like a cheerful danse macabre. Trick or treating doesn’t happen just anywhere, right? How about something artsier? The Pixers HALLOWEEN SILHOUETTE HORRIBLE DOODLE SEAMLESS PATTERN is here to catch your eye and captivate your imagination. Here you'll get bats, mummies, cats, castles and many other objects which might seem terrifying at first, but ultimately you'll end up loving them. Who said that only the kids like to play with danger? Shop the Pixers skulls wallpaper collection now! ... more