Green Wallpapers

It smells like money in here. Maybe it's because you're in for a treat with Pixers green wallpapers. Green is the colour of life’s energy. It is perfect for calming environments, for example breakfast nooks, bedrooms and sitting areas. But truth be told, you can use it anywhere and it will still rock. It adds a refreshing touch to décor. Go traditional with our extensive selection of green floral wallcoverings or decorate with a modern style by selecting our popular green geometric wallpaper. This is a colour which is always worth having in your home. It calms down the room and makes it cosy. Also, we are more willing to relax with green around. Juicy green gives a spring vibe to the interior, bottle green matches the style. Pick it when you want to change a thing or two with your walls when spring comes. A green wallpaper creates a calming oasis in your home and instantly freshens up your living room, hallway or bedroom. Bring a bit of the outdoors inside with this collection and play with lime, mint, dark and olive green. There is always a shade of green to complement your home. And remember one thing: You rule here. ... more