Dragons Wallpapers

Immerse yourself in a world of fantasy, where anything is possible. Just try not to get burnt. Welcome to The Pixers Dragons Wallpaper collection. Let's find one of them! Wonderful, powerful, mythical creatures. Present in many tales and stories, they can be good, bad and everything in between. Everybody knows a dragon can have a bad day too, right? When working on this category, we set ourselves one goal: assemble designs perfect for both kids and adults. And that's what we did. For the younger ones, we have some delightful, sweet illustrations, full of bright colours. That kind of dragon will be your kid's best friend forever. Some of their secrets might remain unknown to you, but who doesn't have a secret or two, even if we’re talking about - for example - a five-year-old? When it comes to designs for grown-ups, we’ve got some wonderful Chinese dragons and mysterious, repeating patterns. Now you can turn your office, bedroom or living room into a temple of dragons. Who knows? Maybe our wallpapers will inspire you to write your own story around these mythical creatures? ... more