Dogs Wallpapers

If you are looking for inspiration for fancy decorated interiors, dog wallpapers are just for you. Funny graphics with four-legged friends are a simple way to liven up a living room, hall, bedroom or children's room. A large selection of patterns makes it possible to freely arrange the space. The dog has been hailed as man's best friend, and is also the most popular domestic animal. No wonder that the motifs associated with dogs began to be used also in interior decoration. This applies not only to veterinary offices or children's rooms. Wallpapers with dogs also work well in the living room, hall and even bedroom. The variety of fun and colorful patterns gives the room a bit of freshness, humor and original character. You can personalize each wallpaper with dogs, and thus adjust it to your needs and the previously agreed interior design project. The selected artwork is applied to one of three materials: washable, vinyl or self-adhesive. Rolls of wallpaper are also available. ... more

Did you know…

This goes out to all the dog people around the world. If you love 'em, why not introduce them to your interior style with a fun Pixers dog wallpaper? Create the perfect personal space for yourself (or your dog/s!) with the huge Pixers wallpaper collection of puppy and dog patterns. Whether you or a family member owns one of these friendly animals, our prints for walls have a minimalist hand-drawn quality that will suit any homeowner. A cute print wallpaper is a great way to introduce personality into your space, so why not scroll through the catalogue of Pixers dog wallpaper featuring canines and pups of all shapes and sizes. Welcome a comforting touch to your home with a fun print today, and add a playful feel to your space. They are man's best friend. Treat yourself to a pleasant set of wall murals depicting your favourite breed or cartoon characters. Your home will never look lonely with these pups and adult jokers hanging out there.