Black Wallpapers

Elegance. Class. Style. Many words and countless books have been written about the star of this show: black, but we're here to take a deep dive into our very own, Pixers black wallpaper collection. Are you ready for it? As black fits every occasion, these wallpaper offerings will surely be a match made in heaven for your walls, no matter if we talk about just a single feature wall, the living room, the kitchen, the bathroom or the bedroom. If you're a minimalist, keep reading. But, if you’re all over the place nine times out of ten and you want a bit of contrast in your daily space, keep reading as well because the wallpapers you're about to see will fulfil all your needs when it comes to interior design. Modern designs, vintage patterns, floral patterns, hand-drawn doodles, handwritten stuff - if you’ve thought about it, we got it. All in self-adhesive or washable, custom made options because we know how life works and any wallpaper can go through a lot. But we guarantee Pixers wallpaper will stick right where you want it to. Just remember one thing: It's your home. So break the norm. Have fun. Mix and match your wallpapers. Cut something here and there. Express yourself your way. Even with the help of just one colour. In your home, anything is possible and we applaud that. ... more