Black and white Wallpapers


Did you know…

Having to pick something can be stressful. So when you're thinking about going with black or white, choose both. Create an undeniably sleek look in your household thanks to the Pixers black and white wallpaper collection. In interior design, those two colours create a dynamic monochrome impact. Not only that, but they act really well as a solid base on which to build your desired colour palette. Go bold with red, yellow, purple and maybe pink to elevate your environment. A black & white wallpaper pattern works particularly well in your kitchen, coupled with sleek metal utensils for an elegant look. It could also look great in your living room, bedroom or bathroom, creating a timeless, impressive design. We can mix black and white wallpaper as neutral decor with various colours to get the desired look. For example, you can go all monochromatic with a black and white interior or add into the mix a few brass elements. Finish the room with light wood for a more Scandinavian inspired feeling. You're on the best page to create a striking and stylish look for your space. Now it's time for the easiest or the hardest part: picking your next wallpaper. Whatever you end up picking, promise us one thing: don't be like Cruella.