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Seamless Cube Pattern. Abstract Wrapping Paper Background. Green Psychedelic Graphic Design Wallpaper Roll - Graphic Resources
    9900££165-40%/ roll
    0,5 x 10 m
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    Author © Max Krasnov

    Wallpaper roll

    Wallpaper rolls

    In Pixers we offer vinyl wallpapers in rolls on an fleece backing of exceptional quality. Our wallpaper are characterized by the standard width of the roll (0,5 m x 10 m), which, combined with the semi-matte material and the unlimited number of available patterns, allows for an extraordinary decoration of any room. Do you dream of textured wallpaper? You can choose wood, stone, marble, tile pattern or any themes you can dream of.
    A quick measurement of your wall length and ceiling height will help estimate the number of wallpaper rolls necessary to decorate a room.


    The wallpapers rolls we offer in rolls are characterized by incredible color depth, thanks to the use of innovative technology that faithfully reproduces the intensity of colors and textures. Fleece is a very strong, resistant to shrinking and stretching material. Thanks to this, after the application of wallpaper rolls, there are no unsightly gaps between the sheets.


    Thanks to unlimited customization possibilities, our wallpaper rolls are perfectly suited to any space. You can freely define the density of patterns to get the desired effect and perfectly match the wallpaper in your interior! Importantly, the price of wallpaper rolls does not depend on the chosen pattern.


    We also ensure the extraordinary durability of our products, so you will be able to enjoy them for a long time. Bring your walls to life. You can expect the best prices, fast delivery and great customer service. Choose wallpaper rolls from Pixers on fleece and transform your interior design today!


    Author: © Max Krasnov

    Material sample: Wallpaper Roll

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    We try to keep you positively surprised and fully satisfied with Pixers services, so we give you as much as 365 days to return them, in case you are not satisfied with them.

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    Delivery of personalization

    At Pixers, we believe in the power of stories. They allow us to express who we are and inspire others at the same time.

    For us the personalization of interiors is a form of contemporary storytelling. Show us where you live, and we will tell you who you are. Tell us who you are, and we will assist you in creating a living space to suit your taste.

    Change the space in ways thus far unknown to you. Create interiors that will take your breath away. Homes, offices, restaurants, or hotels will take on new colors to tell stories more colorful than from One Thousand and One Nights.

    An infinite number of designs and your unrestricted inventiveness combine into incalculable possibilities for creating interiors unlike any other. Your imagination is the only limit. Tell your own story and enjoy the change.


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