Tigers Wall Murals - Vinyl

When thinking of the most royal animal of all, a lion might come to mind first. But we believe the tiger deserves the title all the same, with its tremendous strength and the majestic air incorporated in its every single movement. With our tigers wall murals, you can take a step into an unknown forest and tame this dangerous beauty, making it a splendid visual center of your interior. Arrangements possibilities are wild (oops, wide), especially with our reusable PIXERStick material! ... more


Sadly, tigers in the wild are getting dangerously closer to extinction – presently, their number in captivity is larger than their number in the wild. Numbers show that within the last century, tigers’ population has shrunk by more than 90%. This happens for numerous reasons, all powered by human cruelty: tigers are hunted for their exotic fur, suffer from destruction of their habitat, and in some cases purposely exterminated. Numerous movements have grown to protect the remaining individuals, and we hope that these beautiful creatures will remain in the wilderness, their true home.