Magnolias Wall Murals - Vinyl

Magnolia trees, a delightful work of nature, are a true pleasure to all senses. It is hardly surprising that the ideally proportioned flowers combining the most delicate pink and white hues are considered by many a symbol of pure beauty. Add the one of a kind scent that hovers gently in the spring air and you will get a wonderfully stupefying marvel. Don’t you just start to visualize a lovely magnolia wall in your living room? We know this feeling. That’s why we give you a collection of patterns with magnolias in all styles and sizes! ... more


There is more to magnolias than just their beauty. Yes, for centuries they have been a splendid decoration of countless gardens, including the those of the royalty. But the remarkable magnolia flowers, together with the tree bark, also possess healing qualities, used particularly in Chinese and Japanese medicine. The plant contains a number of active ingredients which can constitute a valuable support in treating minor and major sicknesses, including the Alzheimer’s Disease.