Stairs Stickers

What's hiding at the top? There's hardly any movie without a glamour-looking lady walking down on them. Welcome to The Pixers Stairs Stickers collection. Let's find you a portal to the other space. That's one powerful symbol. A symbol of redemption, a greater goal, reaching to the sky and therefore challenging our limitations. We could argue that the invention of stairs is one of the most important ones in human history. It helped to build castles, temples and later on office buildings and blocks. When we're looking for one of the city progress catalysts, we might have it in our home. With this set, we went all over the world and the internet to deliver a vast array of options for you. From cellar stairs, wooden ones, some Old Town one's, famous spiral staircase in the Vatican, pictures from Polish palaces, straight from Paris hills of Montmartre, those heading to the sea or inside of a hidden garden and so many, many more, there's something which will please your aesthetic senses. What's a journey for you? When it will take you? Make the first step. Pick some stairs stickers and go on a new adventure today. ... more