Skulls Stickers

Some are deeply terrified by them. For others, it's a source of inspiration and a part of heritage. Skulls were one of the most beloved symbols of the late great fashion designer Alexander McQueen. In Mexico, there's no Todos los Santos (All Saints' Day) without them. Let's dive into the Pixers Skulls Stickers collection, also inspired by the work of Wes Lang. Can you imagine the rock'n'roll or superhero movies without them? For centuries, skulls have had a special place in art and cultures around the world. No matter if you're into heavy metal, pirates, or just loads of fascinating stories from around the world, there's a real skull playground in front of you. If you have a mancave, then here's the decoration part for it. Can't imagine spending a day of your life without hanging out in your garage? We're sure you'll find a nice wall for one or two skull stickers. But of course, you don't have to stop there. Change your basement, bedroom, or even your living room. An empty wall is a missed opportunity. So go ahead and cover it with some skull art. ... more