Keyboards Stickers

Chances are, there won't be another Mozart or Chopin any time soon. But the good thing is that you can take your love for classical music beyond your beloved instruments. Welcome to the Pixers Keyboard Sticker collection. Practice your favourite songs, symphonies or entire concerts in your mind while having breakfast. It's super easy when your table is covered with a view of Broadway. There's a famous rule that it takes 10,000 hours of practice to really master something. Now, with stickers for your laptop, wardrobe or fridge, music will surround you 24/7/365. Finally, it will truly become your entire life. What can we say, hands up if you know a genius who isn't (at least a bit) crazy.Get into your zone. Find your Zen. Get into a state of flow, where everything seems to happen without much thought. Write the notes. Hit the keys. Or just play what you feel. Ready to get those musical stickers you've been thinking about? Let's get to it! ... mere