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Dominant pink Sticker set - Sticker sets
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    Author © Kamila Banaszek

      Sticker set

      Sticker sets

      Details make the design
      Sticker sets are an innovative solution which will allow every decorative element of your interior to become part of an ideally personalized space. The sets contain selected, thematically matched patterns, which together provide an amazing effect.

      Durable material
      Wall decals are made on a self-adhesive, durable material, that is resistant to creasing. Each of the elements is cut along the outline (with a white margin of up to 0.2 in (5 mm), making the decals versatile and more adaptable to your space.

      Installation is as easy as child's play
      Installing a decoration can be creative fun, and even the youngest family members will be happy to help. Simply remove the decals from the backing and then apply it to an even and clean surface. The magic of personalization lies in anyone being able to do it....and now this is possible!

      Designs For everyone
      You will definitely find something for yourself from among the proposed sets: the collection includes a variety of bold and subtle graphics. Allow yourself to be inspired by carefully selected motifs and refresh the look of your home in just several minutes.

      Material: self-adhesive, matte foil, each of the decals/stickers in the set is cut along the outline with a white (non-transparent) margin of up to 0.2 in (5 mm).

      Remember :) You buy a unique personalization service that you can use in any way to support artists from around the world, for whom cooperation with us is one of the sources of livelihood. Thank you

      • We support working mothers

        We support working mothers


      Author: © Kamila Banaszek

      Material sample: Sticker set

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      Delivery of personalization

      At Pixers, we believe in the power of stories. They allow us to express who we are and inspire others at the same time.

      For us the personalization of interiors is a form of contemporary storytelling. Show us where you live, and we will tell you who you are. Tell us who you are, and we will assist you in creating a living space to suit your taste.

      Change the space in ways thus far unknown to you. Create interiors that will take your breath away. Homes, offices, restaurants, or hotels will take on new colors to tell stories more colorful than from One Thousand and One Nights.

      An infinite number of designs and your unrestricted inventiveness combine into incalculable possibilities for creating interiors unlike any other. Your imagination is the only limit. Tell your own story and enjoy the change.


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