Sketches Posters

Posters Sketches are an extremely elegant and subtle decoration that will embellish almost any room. They usually have a classic combination of black and white. These graphics are a great idea for interiors arranged in a minimalist and modern style. It is apt to define the Posters Sketches with words "beauty lies in simplicity”. These graphics impress with their minimalism. You will not find overwhelming, unnecessary details in them. The characteristic feature of the Posters Sketches is subdued colors, spaciousness and purity. Thanks to that, you can bring some freshness, harmony and charm to the interior. Sketch posters can be individually displayed, although they also look great in creative combinations. They are a perfect combination with a typographic poster. It would also be a good idea to combine them with black and white photos. One of the most popular motifs on them is the image of a women - a ballerina, a model presenting the original outfit or posing nude. Such solutions perfectly match modern interiors or Scandinavian-style decor. Another common motif in the form of a sketch are abstract shapes that form a harmonious duo with the raw, geometric shapes typical of a minimalist style. ... more