London Posters

London's calling. Will you pick up? If you love this city the way we do, you're in the right place for some shopping, but without hefty Bond Street prices. Get an urban vibe for your home design with Pixers London Poster designs. There are so many things to mention here, which makes this place unique, like nowhere else in the entire world. For starters, there's only one city with so many timeless symbols: Big Ben, the Tower Bridge, red telephone booths, red buses. Of course, if you don't count Las Vegas. But this town is so much more than tourist points to see or visit. With the City of London and the City of Westminster both having city status inside the UK capital, it's a one of a kind place on yet another level. But actually, how would you describe it? For us, it's colourful, open, surprising, creative and constantly changing. If you’re striving to capture that ultimate London feeling, add an extra one or two posters to your order. Because who knows what you'll want to look at tomorrow? ... more