Game room Posters

Posters for the player's room are a great complement to the other elements of the room arrangement. In most cases, users prefer to choose posters referring to their favorite games or genres. However, the choice is much larger.

How long will the poster last?

Posters produced with the latest printing technology guarantee not only the exceptional quality of the graphics themselves, perfect reproduction of colors and contrasts, but also high resistance. They are printed on thick 240 g / m paper, which guarantees their durability and makes the posters adhere perfectly to the wall and fit equally smoothly in frames or anti-frames. It is also worth noting that the slightly shimmering material reflects the light, making the colors appear more vivid and vibrant, which in the case of graphics referring to gaming is an additional advantage.

What kind of graphics should I choose for the player's room?

The posters for the player's room can be very different. You can choose from:

  • patterns directly related to gaming - graphics depicting consoles, buttons, player figures, some of them contain slogans such as "Game over" or "Level up", many of them also use game-related icons;
  • posters related to specific games - you can find post-apocalyptic or futuristic performances (containing elements from currently fashionable titles such as "Cyberpunk 2077"), many graphics refer to fantasy games, as well as no less popular arcade games or car races;
  • graphics depicting landscapes related to specific game genres - there are both industrial or post-apocalyptic representations, as well as neutral ones, e.g. from the Super Mario series.

How to choose the perfect poster size?

Currently, you are not limited to choose a specific size, you can adjust it yourself. Thanks to the personalization service, you decide how big your artwork should be. You can order a poster ideally suited to your idea for arrangement and the same size of the interior.

Poster - framed or not?

It is only up to you whether you decide to choose a poster with or without a frame. Everything depends to a large extent on the adopted arrangement strategy. Both options are very interesting. If you opt for a framed poster, there are many types of binding to choose from. When placing an order, you can choose from:

  • thicker wooden frames (white, brown or black);
  • thinner aluminum frames (silver or black).

The latter type of frames is particularly popular among players, which works perfectly as a frame for modern graphics referring to the industrial climate or directly to the gaming phenomenon itself. However, there are also posters for the player's room that will also look good in thicker frames. The visualization of the final version of the project ordered by you can always help you in making the final choice.

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Did you know…

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