Black and white Posters

Yin and Yang. Purity & darkness. An endless night sky with countless stars. Explore the beauty of Black and White Posters from the Pixers collection. There are so many colours in the world that sometimes it's hard to choose the simplest things. Luckily, a solution for that is right in front of you. Find the balance of proportion in this impeccable set full of stunning pieces. Playing with those two shades gives you incredible power - you can become like a well-trained art dealer, if you will, simply for your pleasure. There's a challenge waiting ahead of you: how do you pick the best pieces if all of them have tremendous potential? From beautiful, powerful horses running in the wilderness, marvellous illustrations and abstract art, to the urban jungle, we have something in store for any taste. So scroll down a bit. Think it through. Don't rush your choices. Or trust your instincts and pick what you love based on first impressions. There are many ways to operate here. But no matter what lands in your basket, your home or your friends’ & family’s spaces will instantly score more points in the style category. We can bet on that! ... more